Throughout the month of April, we hope you are able to come out and support our program’s boys and girls as they participate in events at the following college lacrosse games:

  • Saturday April 1st at 1pm, Girls 5/6 – Anthem Buddies, Halftime Scrimmage & Meet the Players at the RMC Womens Lacrosse game
  • Saturday April 8th at 11:30am, Boys 3/4 – Halftime Scrimmage at the University of Richmond Womens Lacrosse game
  • Saturday April 8th at 3pm, Girls 3/4 – Halftime Scrimmage at the  University of Richmond Womens Lacrosse game
  • Saturday April 29th at 1pm, Girls 1/2 – Anthem Buddies & Halftime Scrimmage at the VCU Womens Lacrosse game

We look forward to seeing you

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