Board of Directors


As the Board President, Chuck is responsible for the oversight of the entire Blackhawk Program. Chuck has coached every level of our girls lacrosse program, in addition to leading the Girls Beginner Clinics in the Fall and Winter Seasons. Chuck has served on the Board since 2016, previously as our Girls Division Vice President and keeping lines on all the fields as our Field Coordinator.

BOBBY NAGLIC (Vice President - Girls Division)

As Vice President, Bobby provides oversight of all our Girls Division programs. He has also coached every level of the Girls Division. Bobby has been on the Board since 2017, previously serving as our Equipment Coordinator, making sure we have everything needed to pull off a successful season.

**VACANT** (Vice President - Boys Division)

We are currently searching for a new Boys' Division Vice President. This position provides oversight of the Boys' Division programs. If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact Chuck.

TREY SNOW (Treasurer)

Serving on the Board since 2015, Trey Snow tirelessly gives his time and energy to ensure our operations run smooth and effectively. He brings a pragmatic vision to the Blackhawk Lacrosse program.

KIM LAWRENCE (Secretary)

As our Board Secretary, Kim keeps us all in line through her incredible attention to detail, and accurate record keeping. Kim joined the Board in 2022, after many years of volunteering in coordination and registration roles for Havoc, and all of our 4 seasons of lacrosse throughout the year.

JASON GAROFALO (Communications)

Jason serves on the Board as the Communications Coordinator. He helps maintain the website, Facebook page, and Instagram feed, as well as sending out all other communications to keep everyone informed in a timely manner. Serving on the Board since 2018, Jason has also volunteered across many seasons for boys and girls teams at various age levels.


Scott serves the board as an At-Large member, providing his wise counsel for the future direction of Blackhawk. Joining the Board in 2020, Scott leads our annual scholarship selection given to up to 10 high school seniors.

BRAD JOYNER (Equipment)

Brad joined the Board as an At-Large member in 2022.  He brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to Blackhawk and will help to lead the program into the future.  Brad also volunteers as a Girls Division coach.


Josh joined the Board as an At-Large member in 2023.  He brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to Blackhawk and will help to lead the program into the future. Josh also volunteers as a Girls Division coach.

JENNIFER FERRELL (Blackhawk Coordinator)

Jennifer aids the Board by serving as the administrative coordinator of all the Blackhawk programs in the Boys and Girls Divisions, as well as Lil Laxhawks and special programs. She works with other clubs to schedule games, drafts teams, and recruits and trains our coaches. Jennifer also volunteers as a coach for Girls, Boys, and Lil Laxhawks teams.

Board of Directors